Wwise SDK 2019.2.15
Wwise Console Examples Index

Refer to Using the Command Line for more information about Wwise Console.


Convert external source
Converts external sources of MyProject.wproj for all platforms using the current project settings.

Create a new blank project
Creates MyProject.wproj for platforms Windows and Linux.

Generate SoundBank
Generates the SoundBank for MyProject.wproj, for the Windows and Linux platforms, using the English(US) language.

Import a tab delimited file
Imports a tab delimited file using default "useExisting" operation with quiet logging.

Migrate a project
Migrates a project with verbose logging.

Moving a project's media IDs into its work units
Moving a project's file IDs from a single file <project-name>.mediaid to its work units.

Moving a project's media IDs out of work units
Moving a project's media IDs from its work units to a single xml file, <project-name>.mediaid.

Run a WAAPI server
Loads MyProject.wproj and runs a WAAPI server. Migrates the project first if necessary. Uses WAMP port 8085 and default HTTP port 8090.

Updating the contents of <project-name>.mediaid
Loads the project and updates the contents of <project-name>.mediaid, if it exists.