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Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
Release Notes 2019.1.2.7018.1378

Each version of this integration matches a specific build of Unreal Engine 4. Here is what has changed in the 2019.1.2.7018.1378 release of the integration (in addition to upgrading to the new Unreal build).

This integration does not support experimental Unreal Engine 4 features.

Unreal Engine 4.21/4.22 - Wwise 2019.1.2.7018.1378

  • WG-42524 Ensured AK Event and RTPC sequencer tracks are not available in the Niagara editor.
  • WG-42885 Exposed the External Sources API to Blueprint
  • WG-43007 Exposed WAAPI IP address and port to the Wwise User Settings window.
  • WG-43682 Fixed crash when closing game with active streaming sounds
  • WG-43725 Fixed repeated playback of Wwise events with unknown durations.
  • WG-43878 Enabled creating an AkEvent Sequencer section that is not linked to any AkEvent.
  • WG-39214 Exposed Suspend and WakeupFromSuspend to FAkAudioDevice.