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Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
August 2013 - Wwise v2013.2

Each version of this integration matches a specific build of Unreal Engine 4. Here is what has changed in the Unreal Engine August 2013 release of the integration (in addition to upgrading to the new Unreal build).

August 2013 - Wwise v2013.2

  • Fixed confusion between Actor, AkComponent, the Wwise game object and their respective lifespans:
    • AkComponent follows attachment semantics of Epic's AudioComponent. AkComponents are re-used when all attachment parameters match.
    • AkGameplayStatics contains global helpers targetting Actors for easy use in blueprints.
  • Fixed missing Events and Banks in SoundBank Definition File.
  • Fixed game object names in Wwise Profiler.
  • Generating SoundBanks now triggers a refresh of loaded banks.
  • Set RTPC Value global helper now supports setting a Game Parameter at global scope (no Actor target).