Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
GenerateSoundBanks Commandlet

The Wwise Unreal plug-in provides a Commandlet allowing you to generate SoundBanks and to submit them to source control from the command line. Usage of the Commandlet is:

<UE4Editor-cmd.exe> <path_to_uproject> -run=GenerateSoundBanks [-platforms=listOfPlatforms] [-languages=listOfLanguages] [-wwiseConsolePath=pathToWwiseConsole] [-rebuild][-migrate]
If you are using Unreal Engine 5, the Editor executable is named UnrealEditor-cmd.exe.

Parameters are :

  • platforms: (Optional) Comma separated list of platforms for which SoundBanks will be generated, as specified in the Wwise project. If not specified, SoundBanks will be generated for all platforms.
  • languages: (Optional) Comma separated list of Languages for which SoundBanks are to be generated, as specified in the Wwise project. If not specified, all languages are generated.
  • banks: (Optional) Comma separated list of SoundBanks to generate. Bank names must correspond to a UAkAudioBank asset in the project. If not specified, all SoundBanks found in project will be generated.
  • wwiseConsolePath: (Optional) Full path to the Wwise command-line application, used to generate the SoundBanks. If not specified, the path found in the Wwise settings is used.
  • rebuild: (Optional) Force a clean rebuild of all Wwise Sound Data
  • migrate: (Optional) Do the first time migration of the project.
  • fixupRedirectors: (Optional) When migration is done, fixup the redirectors that were created by moving assets.
  • autosubmit: (Optional) Automatically submit the generated Wwise assets to version control.
  • clnum: (Optional) Changelist number to append to the end of the automatic commit message.
  • forceAssetSync: (Optional) Force asset synchronization with Wwise. Will add new assets, and remove deleted ones.
  • help: (Optional) Print this help message. This quits the Commandlet immediately.

Example usage:

C:\UE_4.23\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-Cmd.exe C:\MyProjects\Demo\WwiseDemoGame.uproject -run=GenerateSoundBanks -platforms=Windows,Mac
If you ever experience issues with the Development Editor not built or available yet, you can skip the plugin activation by setting the environment variable SKIP_PLUGIN_ACTIVATION to true.

How to use the Commandlet for initial migration

The Commandlet has a special option to migrate a project to the Event-Based Packaging workflow, offline, on a build machine. This is highly recommended for large projects, as this process can be time-consuming. The commandlet creates the new assets, rebuilds the sound data and submits it to source control. It is highly recommended to use the path of the Wwise Console application.

Example usage:

C:\UE_4.23\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-Cmd.exe C:\MyProjects\Demo\WwiseDemoGame.uproject -run=GenerateSoundBanks -wwiseConsolePath=C:\Wwise\Authoring\x64\Release\Bin\WwiseConsole.exe -migrate

Configure the commit message

The Commandlet commits the changes it has brought to your project if source control is enabled. The commit message can be customized in the Wwise Integration Settings, by editing the Commandlet Commit Message field.