Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI)

The Wwise Authoring API is used to communicate with the Wwise authoring application. WAAPI allows the Unreal integration to request and alter information about the Wwise project during a session, provided that both Unreal and Wwise Authoring are running, and Unreal is connected to WAAPI.

For more information on WAAPI and its features, refer to https://www.audiokinetic.com/library/edge/?source=SDK&id=waapi.html.

WAAPI is available only on the Windows and Mac platforms, both in Editor and in Game.

Connecting to WAAPI

The Audiokinetic Unreal integration is set to automatically connect to WAAPI. In order to disable this functionality, the "Auto Connect to WAAPI" check box should be unchecked in the Integration Settings menu. This menu is accessible from the Unreal project settings menu. To access it, click Edit > Project Settings... to open the Unreal Project Settings. Then, in the left panel of the Unreal Project Settings, scroll down to the Wwise section and click on Integration Settings.

For WAAPI-enabled features to run, the Wwise project opened in the Wwise Authoring application must match the project defined by the Wwise Project Path in the Integration Settings.

Integration Settings

The IP address and port used to connect to WAAPI are configurable in the Wwise User Settings:

User Settings

Using WAAPI from C++

An Unreal wrapper class for the WAAPI C++ sample client is provided as part of the AkAudio module.

In order to be able to use it, you first must add the AkAudio module as a dependency to your game, by following the steps outlined in UE4 C++ projects. Once this is done, the FAkWaapiClient class will be available.