The Help menu provides quick access to several sources of information:

  • Wwise Help: Opens the Wwise Help documentation, which provides conceptual guidance in the use of Wwise and reference material for every UI element.

  • Property Help: Opens the Property Help view, which provides information about selected properties. Refer to the Property Help section for more information.

  • Wwise SDK Documentation: Opens the Wwise SDK documentation, which provides overviews on how to customize Wwise with the SDK and comprehensive code descriptions.

  • Documentation Source: Specifies the documentation format, online help on the website or the Wwise Help CHM, used for the contextual help.

  • Documentation Language: Specifies the language (English, Japanese, Korean, or Simplified Chinese) used for the documentation. This includes the contextual help and the Property Help view.

    The default language is the operating system's language, unless it does not exist or until this setting is modified.

  • Wwise Q&A (Online): Accesses our Community Q&A to ask and answer questions within a community of Wwise users and experts.

  • Legal Notices…: Opens a tabbed window of EULAs, licensing notices, and copyright information covering Wwise, partner plug-ins, and open source components.

  • About Wwise…: Opens a splash window indicating the Wwise version and build number.