Motion Tips and Best Practices

Before creating the motion for your game, you may want to review the SDK documentation, which provide you with a series of examples, tips, and best practices that can help you better manage the motion in Wwise. You should also check the Motion device restrictions below.

Motion device restrictions

  • Game controllers have limited playback capability. Game controllers can play back only a limited range of motion effects, making it difficult for a game player to distinguish between different types of motion effects especially when several effects are played back simultaneously. It is a good idea, therefore, to try to limit the playback to one motion source at a time.

  • Connect game controllers to high power USB ports. If your motion objects are not playing back on a game controller, make sure that the game controller is connected to a high power USB port. If the USB port does not have sufficient power to run the motion device, the system unmounts the device to protect the operating system or the device itself. The USB ports in the front of a computer are generally not powerful enough to run a motion device, so you should connect them to the USB ports at the back of the computer.