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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11
AK::IAkAutoStream Class Referenceabstract

#include <IAkStreamMgr.h>

Public Member Functions

Stream management, settings access, and run-time change.
virtual void  Destroy ()=0
virtual void  GetInfo (AkStreamInfo &out_info)=0
virtual void *  GetFileDescriptor ()=0
virtual void  GetHeuristics (AkAutoStmHeuristics &out_heuristics)=0
virtual AKRESULT  SetHeuristics (const AkAutoStmHeuristics &in_heuristics)=0
virtual AKRESULT  SetMinimalBufferSize (AkUInt32 in_uMinBufferSize)=0
virtual AKRESULT  SetMinTargetBufferSize (AkUInt32 in_uMinTargetBufferSize)=0
virtual AKRESULT  SetStreamName (const AkOSChar *in_pszStreamName)=0
virtual AkUInt32  GetBlockSize ()=0
virtual AKRESULT  QueryBufferingStatus (AkUInt32 &out_uNumBytesAvailable)=0
virtual AkUInt32  GetNominalBuffering ()=0
Stream operations.
virtual AKRESULT  Start ()=0
virtual AKRESULT  Stop ()=0
virtual AkUInt64  GetPosition (bool *out_pbEndOfStream)=0
virtual AKRESULT  SetPosition (AkInt64 in_iMoveOffset, AkMoveMethod in_eMoveMethod, AkInt64 *out_piRealOffset)=0
Data/status access.
virtual AKRESULT  GetBuffer (void *&out_pBuffer, AkUInt32 &out_uSize, bool in_bWait)=0
virtual AKRESULT  ReleaseBuffer ()=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual  ~IAkAutoStream ()
  Virtual destructor on interface to avoid warnings. More...

Detailed Description

Interface of automatic streams. It is used as a handle to a stream, I/O operations are triggered from here. Obtained through the Stream Manager's AK::IAkStreamMgr::CreateAuto() method.

Warning: The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.
See also

Definition at line 505 of file IAkStreamMgr.h.