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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11

◆ Execute()

virtual void AK::IAkInPlaceEffectPlugin::Execute ( AkAudioBuffer io_pBuffer )
pure virtual

Software effect plug-in DSP execution for in-place processing.

Note: The effect should process all the input data (uValidFrames) as long as AK_DataReady is passed in the eState field. When the input is finished (AK_NoMoreData), the effect can output more sample than uValidFrames up to MaxFrames() if desired. All sample frames beyond uValidFrames are not initialized and it is the responsibility of the effect to do so when outputting an effect tail. The effect must notify the pipeline by updating uValidFrames if more frames are produced during the effect tail.
Note: The effect will stop being called by the pipeline when AK_NoMoreData is returned in the the eState field of the AkAudioBuffer structure. See IAkInPlaceEffectPlugin::Execute.
io_pBuffer In/Out audio buffer data structure (in-place processing)