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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11
AK::IAkLinuxContext Class Referenceabstract

Context specific to the Linux port of Wwise SDK. More...

#include <AkPlatformContext.h>

Inheritance diagram for AK::IAkLinuxContext:
AK::IAkPlatformContext AK::IAkGGPContext

Public Member Functions

virtual bool  UsePulseAudioServerInfo ()=0
virtual const char *  GetStreamName (AkDeviceID deviceID=0)=0
virtual AkUInt32  GetChannelCount (AkDeviceID deviceID=0)=0
virtual void  SetSinkInitialized (bool isInitialized)=0
virtual bool  IsPluginSupported (AkPluginID pluginID)=0
virtual bool  IsStreamReady (AkPluginID pluginID)=0
virtual const char *  GetStreamName (AkPluginID pluginID, AkDeviceID deviceID)=0
virtual AkUInt32  GetChannelCount (AkPluginID pluginID, AkDeviceID deviceID)=0
virtual void  SetSinkInitialized (AkPluginID pluginID, bool isInitialized)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from AK::IAkPlatformContext
virtual  ~IAkPlatformContext ()

Detailed Description

Context specific to the Linux port of Wwise SDK.

Definition at line 37 of file AkPlatformContext.h.