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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11
AkRingBuffer< T, TAlloc > Class Template Reference

#include <AkRingBuffer.h>

Public Member Functions

  AkRingBuffer ()
AKRESULT  Init (AkUInt32 nbItems)
void  Term ()
void  Reset ()
AkUInt32  GetWriteIndex () const
T *  GetWritePtr ()
void  IncrementWriteIndex (AkUInt32 nbItems)
AkUInt32  GetReadIndex () const
const T *  GetReadPtr () const
void  IncrementReadIndex (AkUInt32 nbItems)
AkUInt32  GetNbReadableItems () const
AkUInt32  GetNbWritableItems () const
AkUInt32  Size () const

Detailed Description

template<class T, class TAlloc = AkRingBufferAllocatorDefault>
class AkRingBuffer< T, TAlloc >

Definition at line 69 of file AkRingBuffer.h.