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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11
Using the Development Tools

First-time Setup

Before getting started, Python 2 or 3 must be installed to use the development tools.

To build the property help documentation, install these two Python dependencies:

pip install markdown
pip install jinja2

Also, remember to include your build tools for other targeted platforms in your PATH. For more information on which build tools to install refer to Platform Requirements.

Caution: When installing the Wwise SDK from the Launcher, select all target platforms and ensure there are no spaces in the installation path.
Note: If you're using a Mac with Python 2 installed, you will need to install XZ Utils. (If you have Python 3, XZ Utils is not needed.) This could be done as follows, starting with the installation of Homebrew:
  1. Go to and copy the line offered to your clipboard.
  2. Open a terminal, paste the line you just copied and press Enter.
  3. Type brew install xz and press Enter.

Overview of the Tools

For a given version of Wwise SDK, the development tools plug-in is located in "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins". A quick look at these files provides the following Python scripts:

  • Assists in creating new plug-ins.
  • Calls Premake to generate solutions for a given target platform.
  • Calls the build tools for a given target platform and configuration.
  • Packages binaries and other files (help, factory assets, etc.) into tar.xz archives.
  • Generates a JSON metadata file for use with the Audiokinetic Launcher.
  • Allows access to all scripts as subcommands.
Caution: Most of these scripts assume that the current working directory is the root of your plug-in, ensure you are in the right directory before calling them.
Note: More information about how to use these scripts is available through the -h or –help command-line flags.

This documentation is divided into several parts, covering the topics of creating, configuring, building, and packaging a custom plug-in.