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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11
Source Control Plug-ins

Using this SDK you can create your own source control plug-ins to further expand the capabilities of Wwise.


The main goal of integrating a source control plug-in into Wwise is to speed up the user's work. In workplaces where work unit and audio files are kept in a source control system, people using Wwise must use source control system operations to edit files, keep files up-to-date, and submit changes. If you implement the source control plug-in to manage these files inside Wwise, your users can perform all these operations without switching to the source control application.

This source control plug-in SDK is designed to let Wwise users:

  • Perform source control operations from the Project Explorer and File Manager dialogs
  • Check the status of the files with Project Explorer file status icons and the File Manager status columns
  • Use the Update All function on files to keep the whole project up-to-date
  • Perform automatic source control operations when creating or modifying files (including actions such as saving the project, creating work units, and importing audio files)
  • Configure the source control plug-in itself.

Please refer to the Wwise authoring tool's documentation for help on how to use plug-ins in Wwise.

Sample Code

Sample code is discussed in Source Control Plug-in Sample Code.

More Details

More details are available in these sections: