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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11
AkArray< T, ARG_T, TAlloc, TGrowBy, TMovePolicy >::Iterator Struct Reference

Iterator. More...

#include <AkArray.h>

Public Member Functions

Iterator  operator+ (AkUInt32 inc) const
AkUInt32  operator- (Iterator const &rhs) const
Iterator operator++ ()
  ++ operator More...
Iterator operator-- ()
  – operator More...
T &  operator* ()
T *  operator-> () const
bool  operator== (const Iterator &in_rOp) const
  == operator More...
bool  operator!= (const Iterator &in_rOp) const
  != operator More...

Public Attributes

T *  pItem
  Pointer to the item in the array. More...

Detailed Description

template<class T, class ARG_T, class TAlloc = ArrayPoolDefault, class TGrowBy = AkGrowByPolicy_DEFAULT, class TMovePolicy = AkAssignmentMovePolicy<T>>
struct AkArray< T, ARG_T, TAlloc, TGrowBy, TMovePolicy >::Iterator


Definition at line 222 of file AkArray.h.