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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11
AkFileDesc Struct Reference

#include <AkStreamMgrModule.h>

Public Attributes

AkInt64  iFileSize
  File size in bytes. More...
AkUInt64  uSector
AkUInt32  uCustomParamSize
  Size of the custom parameter. More...
void *  pCustomParam
  Custom parameter. More...
AkFileHandle  hFile
  File handle/identifier. More...
AkDeviceID  deviceID
  Device ID, obtained from CreateDevice() More...
CAkFilePackage *  pPackage
  If this file is in a File Package, this will be the. More...

Detailed Description

File descriptor. File identification for the low-level I/O.

See also

Definition at line 91 of file AkStreamMgrModule.h.