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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11
AkOutputDeviceMeteringCallbackInfo Struct Reference

#include <AkCallback.h>

Inheritance diagram for AkOutputDeviceMeteringCallbackInfo:

Public Attributes

AK::IAkMetering pMainMixMetering
  Metering information for the main mix. More...
AkChannelConfig  mainMixConfig
  Channel configuration of the main mix. More...
AK::IAkMetering pPassthroughMetering
  Metering information for the passthrough mix (if any; will be null otherwise) More...
AkChannelConfig  passthroughMixConfig
  Channel configuration of the passthrough mix (if any; will be invalid otherwise) More...
AkUInt32  uNumSystemAudioObjects
  Number of System Audio Objects going out of the output device. More...
AK::IAkMetering **  ppSystemAudioObjectMetering
  Metering information for each System Audio Object (number of elements is equal to uNumSystemAudioObjects) More...
AkMeteringFlags  eMeteringFlags
  Metering flags that were asked for in RegisterOutputDeviceMeteringCallback(). You may only access corresponding meter values from the metering objects. Others will fail. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from AkCallbackInfo
void *  pCookie
  User data, passed to PostEvent() More...
AkGameObjectID  gameObjID
  Game object ID. More...

Detailed Description

Callback information structure allowing to query signal metering on output devices, at each frame. Register the callback using AK::SoundEngine::RegisterOutputDeviceMeteringCallback.

Definition at line 185 of file AkCallback.h.