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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11

Parameters passed to SetRoom. More...

#include <AkSpatialAudio.h>

Public Member Functions

  AkRoomParams ()
  Constructor. More...
  AkRoomParams (const AkRoomParams &in_rhs)
  Copy Constructor. More...
AkRoomParams operator= (const AkRoomParams &in_rhs)
  Assignment operator. More...

Public Attributes

AkVector  Front
AkVector  Up
AkAuxBusID  ReverbAuxBus
AkReal32  ReverbLevel
AkReal32  TransmissionLoss
AK::SpatialAudio::OsString  strName
  Name used to identify room (optional) More...
AkReal32  RoomGameObj_AuxSendLevelToSelf
bool  RoomGameObj_KeepRegistered
AkGeometrySetID  GeometryID

Detailed Description

Parameters passed to SetRoom.

Definition at line 404 of file AkSpatialAudio.h.