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Wwise SDK 2021.1.11
AkSpatialAudioID Struct Reference

Base type for ID's used by Wwise spatial audio.

#include <AkSpatialAudioTypes.h>

Inheritance diagram for AkSpatialAudioID:

Public Member Functions

  AkSpatialAudioID ()
  Default constructor. Creates an invalid ID. More...
  AkSpatialAudioID (AkUInt64 _id)
  Construct from a 64-bit int. More...
  AkSpatialAudioID (const void *ptr)
  Conversion from a pointer to a AkSpatialAudioID. More...
bool  operator== (AkSpatialAudioID rhs) const
bool  operator!= (AkSpatialAudioID rhs) const
bool  operator< (AkSpatialAudioID rhs) const
bool  operator> (AkSpatialAudioID rhs) const
bool  operator<= (AkSpatialAudioID rhs) const
bool  operator>= (AkSpatialAudioID rhs) const
bool  IsValid () const
  Determine if this ID is valid. More...
AkGameObjectID  AsGameObjectID () const
  Conversion function used internally to convert from a AkSpatialAudioID to a AkGameObjectID. More...
  operator AkUInt64 ()

Public Attributes

AkUInt64  id

Detailed Description

Base type for ID's used by Wwise spatial audio.

Definition at line 100 of file AkSpatialAudioTypes.h.