Add Platform

Add a new platform via the Add Platform dialog box, which is prompted by clicking Add within the Platform Manager. The new platform will be added to the Platforms list in the Platform Manager.

Interface Element


Base Platform

The SDK for the platform, selected from a comprehensive list of SDKs that can be used with Wwise.

Override Default Name

The unique alphanumeric name (underscores are accepted, but spaces are not) given to the new platform. In most cases, using the default name is strongly recommended because third-party Wwise integrations may assume the name of the platforms.

Copy Settings

If enabled, the new platform will inherit settings from the selected platform. You can only copy settings from an already-existing platform. For more details, please see Platform-specific settings that are copied over from the source to the target platform:.

[Note] Note

You can also copy settings from one platform to another via the Platform Manager.


Closes the Add Platform dialog box and adds the new platform to the Platforms list of the Platform Manager.

Closes the Add Platform dialog box without making any changes to your project.

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