Before You Begin

Before you upgrade to a new version of Wwise, you need to prepare your projects for the upgrade, particularly if your Wwise project has been integrated into a game. Repeat the procedures in the following sections for all projects that you want to migrate.

The migration team should carry out the following tasks to prepare projects to be migrated to the latest version.

  1. Commit all projects:

    1. For projects under source control, ask the other members of your team to commit all their changes.

      This will avoid merge problems later.

  2. Get the latest version of all projects to be migrated:

    1. For projects under source control, import all the projects locally to your system.

    2. Ensure that all project files have read and write permissions.

      [Note] Note

      For projects under source control, you may need to check out the project file (WPROJ) and all Work Unit files (WWU) from the various subfolders.

  3. Validate projects to be migrated:

    1. Open each Wwise project that you plan to migrate in the current version of Wwise, and save.

    2. If the Project Load Log dialog box displays messages and suggested fixes, accept these fixes, save the changes, and close the project. Repeat this procedure until there are no such messages. Your goal is to remove any project errors to simplify the upgrade.

  4. Tag projects to be migrated:

    1. For projects under source control, commit and tag or label this as the last version of the project prior to the upgrade.

      Committing the project at this point will record all the changes up to the migration process. Any other changes will be directly associated with the migration in the source control history.

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