Import Factory Assets

The Import Factory Assets dialog box allows you to import additional content to your Project. An asset group can include sound examples, Effect Presets, plug-in media files or any other type of project data.

When creating a project, you are prompted to import factory assets. The Import Factory Assets dialog can also be used to import factory assets to your project which were not initially imported during the project creation.

Interface Element


Opens a search field where standard alphanumeric entries filter out unmatching elements from the view. Learn more in Using Tables.

Click the Close icon to the left of the search icon to close the search field and remove the filter.

[Note] Note

The searches do not include elements in collapsed nodes of the List View, Query Editor, MIDI Keymap Editor, and Reference View.

Click the Configure Columns... shortcut (right-click) option from the column header band.

The Configure Columns Dialog opens. Specify which columns to display and their order.

Factory Assets (list)

Lists the assets that are installed with Wwise.

Assets that are disabled are either already imported in the project, or are conflicting with the files in the project.

Use the check-boxes to select which asset group to install.

Select All (button)

Selects all assets groups in the list. Only the assets that are enabled will be checked.

Select None (button)

Deselects all asset groups in the list.

OK (button)

Imports the selected asset groups in the project.

[Note] Note

This operation requires the project to be saved before the import. The project will be reloaded after the import.

[Note] Note

This operation does not automatically add files to the source control. You need to manually add the newly imported files to your source control after the operation.

Cancel (button)

Cancels the operation.

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