Network Tab

In the Network tab of the Project Settings dialog box, you can specify the port numbers to be used by the Wwise authoring application when communicating with games.

Interface Element


Game Discovery Broadcast Port (game side)

Communication Port Discovery Broadcast

Port that is opened on the game side. The authoring application broadcasts Game Discovery messages to that port, so it is important to use the same port in the game and in your Wwise project. Since both the game and the authoring application need to know about this port, it cannot be dynamic (cannot be set to 0).

Default value: 24024
Range: 1 to 65535

Game Discovery Response Port (authoring application side)

Communication Port Discovery Response

Port that is opened by the authoring application to listen to responses to the Game Discovery messages it broadcasts on the network when trying to find games to which you can connect. This port number can be dynamic, meaning that instead of using a fixed port number, the operating system will select a random port number when needed. To use a dynamic port number, set this value to 0 (this is the default).

Default value: 0
Range: 0 to 65535


Closes the Project Settings dialog box and saves your settings.

Closes the Project Settings dialog box without saving your settings.

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