Monitoring CPU Usage

Because there are so many variables that contribute to CPU usage in Wwise, there is no single, easy way to optimize CPU usage in all cases. Instead, you have to consider all of the factors that are relevant to your project, determine acceptable levels of CPU usage (which can vary by platform), then use the Wwise Profiler to identify which properties and settings use the most CPU and adjust them accordingly. The right balance between CPU and quality is ultimately a matter of judgment.

As a general approach, use the Profiler (refer to Profiling) to monitor performance during Capture Sessions, identify overall CPU usage and peaks, and then view the specific factors that contribute to CPU usage in the Advanced Profiler and Performance Monitor. In particular, pay attention to the following things:

  • In the Advanced Profiler, the CPU tab displays all of the elements that contributed to CPU usage during the session. You can then identify which plug-ins, audio codecs, Effects, and so on use the most CPU resources.

  • In the Performance Monitor Settings dialog box, select any relevant items that include CPU in the name. The following options can be useful in the graph, the list, or both:

    • CPU - Plug-in Total

    • CPU - Total

    • Spatial Audio - CPU

    • Spatial Audio - Path Validation CPU

    • Spatial Audio - Portal Path Validation CPU

    • Spatial Audio - Portal Raytracing CPU

    • Spatial Audio - Raytracing CPU

A combination of the options in the Advanced Profiler and Performance Monitor provide a comprehensive portrait of CPU usage during a Capture Session. After you identify which factors contribute to CPU usage, you can use the suggestions described in the other topics in this section to optimize your project's performance.

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