Project Launcher

When you start Wwise, the Project Launcher dialog box opens with all your recently accessed projects displayed in the Recent Projects list. In Wwise, a project contains all your assets, the properties and behaviors that you set for each platform and language, and other Wwise elements such as Events, Presets, and logs. In the Project Launcher you can open an existing project and create a new project.

After the project is created, you can use the standard Windows Explorer (or Mac Finder) features to copy, move, rename, and delete your project files. You can also open your project directly from Windows by double-clicking the WPROJ file in the project folder.

Additionally, you can access the Project Launcher from within Wwise. The Project Launcher opens when you close a project, allowing you to open another project or exit Wwise. Before the Project Launcher opens, you will be prompted to save any changes to the current project.

Interface Element


Opens a search field where standard alphanumeric entries filter out unmatching elements from the view. Learn more in Using Tables.

Click the Close icon to the left of the search icon to close the search field and remove the filter.

[Note] Note

The searches do not include elements in collapsed nodes of the List View, Query Editor, MIDI Keymap Editor, and Reference View.

Recent Projects

A list of projects that were recently opened along with the their location.


Opens the project currently selected in the Recent Projects list.

Opens the Open folder dialog box where you can browse to the location of the project that you want to open.

Opens the New Project dialog box where you can name the new project and specify a location for the project and its Originals folder.

Closes the Project Launcher and the Wwise application.


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