Project Load Log

When you open a project, it is validated before being loaded into Wwise. If issues are found, the Project Load Log dialog box displays a list of these issues and suggested repairs. You can choose to accept these repairs or reject them and close the project. If you accept these repairs, the project will open but the fixes will not be saved until you save the project.

Interface Element


Opens a search field where standard alphanumeric entries filter out unmatching elements from the view. Learn more in Using Tables.

Click the Close icon to the left of the search icon to close the search field and remove the filter.

[Note] Note

The searches do not include elements in collapsed nodes of the List View, Query Editor, MIDI Keymap Editor, and Reference View.


Displays the project errors detected and the suggested repair for each error.

Copies the information to the Windows clipboard so that you can paste the information into a new file.

Carries out all the repairs suggested in the error list and loads the project.

Closes the Project Load Log dialog box without performing the suggested repairs and returns you to the Project Launcher.

[Tip] Tip

Once the project is loaded, you can consult all the Project Load Log entries in the Project Load Tab of the Logs view.

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