Before you can complete the upgrade, you need to test the migrated game. The tests are carried out both in the Wwise authoring application and in the game by the migration team. Most likely you have created a testing protocol at your workplace. To augment what you are already using, we have included a simple procedure that you can consider when you are testing the upgrade.

Test the migrated game project, then commit:

  1. In the game, verify the sound and audio behavior. This can include verifying the following:

    • Basic audio playback.

    • Behaviors affected by changes you have made to the code.

    • Platform behaviors.

    • Communication with the Wwise authoring application.

  2. Commit your migrated Wwise project and the code changes to source control.

After the testing is complete and you are satisfied with the results, you are ready to instruct other users to upgrade to the latest version of Wwise.

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