Upgrading the Wwise SDK

Just as you need to prepare to upgrade the Wwise authoring application, you also need to carry out the following tasks to upgrade the Wwise SDK.

  1. Upgrade the Wwise SDK:

    1. Consult the Wwise SDK documentation to verify that your current system matches that described in the SDK System Requirements section.

    2. Optionally, uninstall the previous version of the Wwise SDK.

      It is a good practice to also manually remove any temporary files created by the sample C++ projects.

    3. Install the current version of the Wwise SDK.

      [Note] Note

      For more information about installing and uninstalling the Wwise SDK, refer to the release notes.

    4. Verify that the WWISESDK environment variable points to the installation folder for this current version. (See Working with Multiple Versions of the Wwise SDK for more information on setting the environment variable.)

  2. Update the game code for the newer version of the Wwise SDK:

    1. To migrate the game code, you will need to port the existing functionalities of a C++ project to the latest version of the Wwise SDK from the previous version. This task may include modifying or refactoring code in different modules. Ideally, the migration team will work concurrently on updating the game code and migrating the Wwise project to the new version. While the Wwise projects are being upgraded and migrated, changes to the following modules may need to be addressed to update the game code:

      • Sound Engine

      • Memory Manager

      • Stream Manager

      • Communications Module

      [Note] Note

      To ensure that your game is not adversely affected by some of the new features in this version, it is always a good idea to first upgrade the components that you need for your game. After you are satisfied that your game is stable, you can integrate the new features, if needed.

    2. Refer to the changes listed in the Wwise SDK documentation to familiarize yourself with the modifications you will be making.

    3. Modify the code as required.

      [Note] Note

      It is a good practice to rebuild the C++ project often when you are modifying the code.

  3. Build your game.

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