Using Text Boxes

Most of the views in Wwise contain fields or text boxes in which you can type property values or specific information about an object. The name of the text box identifies the type of information the field represents. Depending on the view, the name of the text box could be beside, above, or below it.

In different areas of the interface, text is displayed in a text box but can't be edited. To help you distinguish between editable and non-editable text, Wwise displays the text using different colors. When the text appears in white, you can edit it. When the text appears in black, it can't be edited; but, if needed, you can copy it by right-clicking the text and selecting Copy Text.

Most of the text boxes that contain property values also have a vertical bar or slider underneath that you can drag to change the value within these text boxes. For more information about sliders, refer to Using Sliders.

[Note] Note

The range of the slider may only be a subset of the possible values that can be entered for a property. To distinguish between the two ranges, we use “Default Slider Range” to refer to the limited range of the slider and “Input Range” to refer to the complete range of values that can be typed directly into the text box.

If you want to return a property value back to its default setting, Ctrl+click in the text box.

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