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Wwise SDK 2022.1.8
IAkPlugin.h File Reference

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struct   AkPluginInfo
class   AK::IAkGameObjectPluginInfo
  Game object information available to plugins. More...
class   AK::IAkVoicePluginInfo
  Voice-specific information available to plug-ins. More...
class   AK::IAkPluginContextBase
  Interface to retrieve contextual information available to all types of plugins. More...
class   AK::IAkEffectPluginContext
class   AK::IAkSourcePluginContext
class   AK::IAkMixerPluginContext
  Interface to retrieve contextual information for a mixer. More...
class   AK::IAkPluginParam
class   AK::IAkPlugin
class   AK::IAkEffectPlugin
  Software effect plug-in interface (see Creating Sound Engine Effect Plug-ins). More...
class   AK::IAkInPlaceEffectPlugin
  Software effect plug-in interface for in-place processing (see Creating Sound Engine Effect Plug-ins). More...
class   AK::IAkOutOfPlaceEffectPlugin
  Software effect plug-in interface for out-of-place processing (see Creating Sound Engine Effect Plug-ins). More...
class   AK::IAkInPlaceObjectPlugin
class   AK::IAkOutOfPlaceObjectPlugin
class   AK::IAkAudioDeviceEffectPluginContext
class   AK::IAkAudioDeviceEffectPlugin
class   AK::IAkMixerInputContext
class   AK::IAkSinkPluginContext
class   AK::IAkSinkPluginBase
class   AK::IAkSinkPlugin
  Software interface for sink (audio endpoint) plugins. More...
class   AK::IAk3DAudioSinkPlugin
  Software plug-in interface for sink (audio end point) which supports 3D audio features. More...
class   AK::IAkSourcePlugin
  Wwise sound engine source plug-in interface (see Creating Sound Engine Source Plug-ins). More...
class   AK::IAkPluginService
  Common interface for plug-in services accessed through the global plug-in context. More...
class   AK::IAkGlobalPluginContext
class   AK::IAkPluginServiceMixer
  Interface for the "Mixer" plug-in service, to handle mixing together of signals, or applying simple transforms. More...
class   AK::IAkPluginServiceRNG
class   AK::IAkPluginServiceAudioObjectAttenuation
  Interface for the services related to extracting attenuation curves from audio objects and using them. More...
class   AK::IAkPluginServiceAudioObjectPriority
class   AK::PluginRegistration


namespace   AK
  Audiokinetic namespace.


#define  AK_FLOAT_TO_SAMPLETYPE(__in__)   (__in__)
  This function can be useful to convert from normalized floating point audio samples to HW-pipeline format samples. More...
#define  AK_FLOAT_TO_SAMPLETYPE_NOCLIP(__in__)   (__in__)
  This function can be useful to convert from normalized floating point audio samples to HW-pipeline format samples when the input is not not to exceed (-1,1) range. More...
#define  AK_SAMPLETYPE_TO_FLOAT(__in__)   (__in__)
  This function can be useful to convert from HW-pipeline format samples to normalized floating point audio samples. More...
#define  AK_DBTOLIN(__db__)   (powf(10.f,(__db__) * 0.05f))
#define  AK_GET_PLUGIN_SERVICE_MIXER(plugin_ctx)   static_cast<AK::IAkPluginServiceMixer*>(plugin_ctx->GetPluginService(AK::PluginServiceType_Mixer))
#define  AK_GET_PLUGIN_SERVICE_RNG(plugin_ctx)   static_cast<AK::IAkPluginServiceRNG*>(plugin_ctx->GetPluginService(AK::PluginServiceType_RNG))
#define  AK_GET_PLUGIN_SERVICE_AUDIO_OBJECT_ATTENUATION(plugin_ctx)   static_cast<AK::IAkPluginServiceAudioObjectAttenuation*>(plugin_ctx->GetPluginService(AK::PluginServiceType_AudioObjectAttenuation))
#define  AK_GET_PLUGIN_SERVICE_AUDIO_OBJECT_PRIORITY(plugin_ctx)   static_cast<AK::IAkPluginServiceAudioObjectPriority*>(plugin_ctx->GetPluginService(AK::PluginServiceType_AudioObjectPriority))
#define  AK_IMPLEMENT_PLUGIN_FACTORY(_pluginName_, _plugintype_, _companyid_, _pluginid_)
#define  AK_STATIC_LINK_PLUGIN(_pluginName_)
#define  DEFINE_PLUGIN_REGISTER_HOOK   AK_DLLEXPORT AK::PluginRegistration * g_pAKPluginList = NULL;
#define  AK_GET_SINK_TYPE_FROM_DEVICE_KEY(_key)   ((AkUInt32)(_key & 0xffffffff))
#define  AK_GET_DEVICE_ID_FROM_DEVICE_KEY(_key)   ((AkUInt32)(_key >> 32))


typedef AK::IAkPlugin *(*  AkCreatePluginCallback) (AK::IAkPluginMemAlloc *in_pAllocator)
  Registered plugin creation function prototype. More...
typedef AK::IAkPluginParam *(*  AkCreateParamCallback) (AK::IAkPluginMemAlloc *in_pAllocator)
  Registered plugin parameter node creation function prototype. More...
typedef AKRESULT(*  AkGetDeviceListCallback) (AkUInt32 &io_maxNumDevices, AkDeviceDescription *out_deviceDescriptions)
  Registered plugin device enumeration function prototype, used for providing lists of devices by plug-ins. More...


enum   AK::AkSinkPluginType { AK::AkSinkPluginType_Sink, AK::AkSinkPluginType_3DAudioSink }
enum   AK::AkPluginServiceType {
  AK::PluginServiceType_Mixer = 0, AK::PluginServiceType_RNG = 1, AK::PluginServiceType_AudioObjectAttenuation = 2, AK::PluginServiceType_AudioObjectPriority = 3,


AK_DLLEXPORT AK::PluginRegistration g_pAKPluginList

Detailed Description

Software source plug-in and effect plug-in interfaces.

Definition in file IAkPlugin.h.

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