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Wwise SDK 2022.1.8
AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::CustomData Class Reference

Backend API to load and save custom data in XML format. More...

#include <CustomData.h>

Inheritance diagram for AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::CustomData:
ak_wwise_plugin_custom_data_instance_v1 AK.Wwise::Plugin::RequestedHostInterface< XmlReader > ak_wwise_plugin_cpp_base_instance AK.Wwise::Plugin::HostInterfaceGlue< XmlReader, false > ak_wwise_plugin_instance_ptr ak_wwise_plugin_cpp_base_instance


struct   Interface

Public Types

enum   : InterfaceTypeValue { k_interfaceType = AK_WWISE_PLUGIN_INTERFACE_TYPE_CUSTOM_DATA }
  The interface type, as provided by this plug-in. More...
enum   : InterfaceVersion { k_interfaceVersion = 1 }
  The interface version, as provided by this plug-in. More...
using  Instance = CCustomData::Instance
  Base instance type for providing custom data loading and saving. More...
- Public Types inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::RequestedHostInterface< XmlReader >
using  HostInterfaceDefinition = HostInterfaceGlue< XmlReader, false >
- Public Types inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::HostInterfaceGlue< XmlReader, false >
using  GluedInterface = typename CPPInstance::GluedInterface
using  Instance = XmlReader
using  CInstance = typename CPPInstance::Instance

Public Member Functions

InterfacePtr  GetInterfacePointer ()
  The C interface, fulfilled by your plug-in. More...
CCustomData::Instance GetInstancePointer ()
const CCustomData::Instance GetInstancePointer () const
  CustomData ()
virtual  ~CustomData ()
virtual void  InitToDefault ()
  Initializes the plug-in's custom data to its default values. More...
virtual bool  InitFromInstance (const CustomData &in_source)
  Copy the plug-in's custom data from another instance of the same plug-in. More...
virtual bool  InitFromWorkunit (XmlReader &in_reader)
  Load the custom data structure from the provided Work Unit's XML. More...
virtual bool  Save (XmlWriter &in_writer)
  Save custom data structure in the provided XML. More...
virtual void  OnDelete ()
  OnDelete function is called when the user presses the "delete" button on a plug-in. More...
virtual bool  GetPluginData (const GUID &in_guidPlatform, AkPluginParamID in_idParam, DataWriter &in_dataWriter) const
  Obtains parameters that will be sent to the sound engine when Wwise is connected. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_cpp_base_instance
virtual  ~ak_wwise_plugin_cpp_base_instance ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::RequestedHostInterface< XmlReader >
  RequestedHostInterface ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::RequestedHostInterface< XmlReader >
XmlReader ::Interface &  g_xmlTextReaderInterface = HostInterfaceDefinition::g_cppinterface
- Static Public Attributes inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::HostInterfaceGlue< XmlReader, false >
static GluedInterface  g_cppinterface
  The unique interface for this plug-in interface. More...

Detailed Description

Backend API to load and save custom data in XML format.

The initialization of custom-data-aware plug-ins is done using one of three mutually exclusive possibilities:

  • InitToDefault : Initializes a new instance using the default values
  • InitFromInstance : Initializes a new instance using the values provided by the original instance.
  • InitFromWorkunit : Initializes a new instance using the values provided in the Save method.
Note: AK::Wwise::Plugin::The RequestXml class is automatically derived when providing CustomData in C++.

Definition at line 194 of file CustomData.h.

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