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Wwise SDK 2022.1.8
Plugin Directory Reference


directory   PluginServices


file   Ak3DAudioBedMixerFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkAudioInputPlugin.h [code]
file   AkAudioInputSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkCAFFactory.h [code]
file   AkCompressorFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkConvolutionReverbFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkDelayFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkExpanderFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkFlangerFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkGainFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkGuitarDistortionFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkHarmonizerFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkImpacterSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkMatrixReverbFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkMeterFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkMotionGeneratorSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkMotionSinkFactory.h [code]
file   AkMotionSinkScePadHelpers.h [code]
file   AkMotionSourceSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkOpusDecoderFactory.h [code]
file   AkOpusNXFactory.h [code]
file   AkParametricEQFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkPCMExFactory.h [code]
file   AkPeakLimiterFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkPitchShifterFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkRecorderFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkReflectFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkReflectGameData.h [code]
file   AkRoomVerbFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkSilenceSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkSineSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkSinkFactory.h [code]
file   AkSoundSeedGrainSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkSoundSeedWindSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkSoundSeedWooshSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkStereoDelayFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkSynthOneSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkTimeStretchFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkToneSourceFactory.h [code]
file   AkTremoloFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkVoiceCompressorFXFactory.h [code]
file   AkVorbisDecoderFactory.h [code]
file   AllPluginsFactories.h [code]
file   AllPluginsRegistrationHelpers.h [code]
file   AuroHeadphoneFXFactory.h [code]
file   iZHybridReverbFXFactory.h [code]
file   iZTrashBoxModelerFXFactory.h [code]
file   iZTrashDelayFXFactory.h [code]
file   iZTrashDistortionFXFactory.h [code]
file   iZTrashDynamicsFXFactory.h [code]
file   iZTrashFiltersFXFactory.h [code]
file   iZTrashMultibandDistortionFXFactory.h [code]
file   MasteringSuiteFXFactory.h [code]
file   McDSPFutzBoxFXFactory.h [code]
file   McDSPLimiterFXFactory.h [code]
file   MSSpatialSinkFactory.h [code]
file   SceAudio3dEngineFactory.h [code]

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