Wwise SDK 2022.1.8
Wwise Authoring View Identifiers

Name Description
AcousticTextureEditor Acoustic Texture Editor
AdvancedProfiler Advanced Profiler
AttenuationEditor Attenuation Editor
AudioDeviceEditor Audio Device Editor
AudioObject3DViewer Audio Object 3D Viewer
AudioObjectList Audio Object List
AudioObjectMetadata Audio Object Metadata
AudioObjectMeter Audio Object Meter
BatchRename Batch Rename
BlendTrackEditor Blend Track Editor
CaptureLog Capture Log
ContentsEditor Contents Editor
ContextualHelp Contextual Help
ControlSurfaceBinding Control Surface Binding
ConversionSettingsEditor Conversion Settings Editor
Details Details
DialogueEventEditor Dialogue Event Editor
EffectEditor Effect Editor
EventViewer Event Viewer
GameObject3DViewer Game Object 3D Viewer
GameSyncMonitor Game Sync Monitor
IntegrityReport Integrity Report
ListView List View
Logs Logs
LoudnessMeter Loudness Meter
MIDIKeymapEditor MIDI Keymap Editor
MasterMixerConsole Master-Mixer Console
MetadataEditor Metadata Editor
Meter Meter
MixingDesk Mixing Desk
ModulatorEditor Modulator Editor
MultiEditor MultiEditor
MusicFadeEditor Music Fade Editor
MusicPlaylistEditor Music Playlist Editor
MusicSegmentEditor Music Segment Editor
MusicSwitchEditor Music Switch Editor
PasteProperties Paste Properties
PerformanceMonitor Performance Monitor
PositionEditor3DAutomation Position Editor (3D Automation)
ProfilerStatistics Profiler Statistics
ProjectExplorer Project Explorer
PropertyEditor Property Editor
QueryEditor Query Editor
Randomizer Randomizer
ReferenceView Reference View
SchematicView Schematic View
SoundBankEditor SoundBank Editor
SoundBankManager SoundBank Manager
Soundcaster Soundcaster
SourceEditor Source Editor
SpeakerPanner Speaker Panner
Transport Transport
VoiceExplorer Voice Explorer
VoiceInspector Voice Inspector
VoiceMonitor Voice Monitor

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