Target Platform(s):
Wwise SDK 2022.1.8
iOS/tvOS/visionOS-Specific Information

This chapter contains information that is specific to using the Wwise SDK for the iOS/tvOS/visionOS platform.

Warning: tvOS SoundBanks must use iOS for their base platform.
Note: Unless otherwise specified, the mention "iOS" in this page and its subsections is used to describe interchangeably the iOS, tvOS, and visionOS specific platform details.

visionOS Support

At this time, preliminary visionOS support is provided for L2 customers. The iOS deployment platform source code comes with project files that can be used to build Wwise SDK binaries for visionOS. Note that the IntegrationDemo sample is not currently supported.

Bluetooth Stuttering and Starvation

Using Bluetooth speakers and headphones induce a lot of latency in the audio. This is due to the Bluetooth compression and over-the-air communication stack in the OS itself. Because of this, latency-sensitive games such as rhythm games will have a degraded gameplay when the Bluetooth device is connected.

Wwise will automatically switch to a high latency mode to avoid stuttering when Bluetooth devices are used. It will revert back to regular latency when the device is disconnected, as specified by AkPlatformInitSettings.uNumRefillsInVoice at initialization.

Note: Using a Bluetooth device with the "Play and Record" audio session will force the OS to downsample all audio to 8 kHz. This behavior is related to the Bluetooth driver itself.

The iOS Audio Session

On iOS, many events such as an incoming phone or FaceTime call, usage of Siri, calendar alerts, or system sounds can prevent app audio from playing at any moment. Apple's audio session is the mechanic that handles the conflicts for access to audio hardware. Choosing the right audio session for your application is important. Fortunately, most of the implementation details when working with audio session are taken care of by the Wwise iOS SDK and little effort is required by the SDK client app to obtain a compliant and efficient audio app that behaves as expected. The following sections present the concept of the iOS audio session and its related Wwise-implemented policies.

iOS-Specific AkPlatformInitSettings

iOS Release Notes

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