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AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SoundEngine::GetDeviceList ( AkUniqueID  in_audioDeviceShareSetID,
AkUInt32 io_maxNumDevices,
AkDeviceDescription out_deviceDescriptions 

Returns a listing of the current devices for a given sink plug-in, including Device ID, friendly name, and state. This call is only valid for sink plug-ins that support device enumeration. Prerequisites:

  • The plug-in must have been initialized by loading the init bank or by calling AK::SoundEngine::RegisterPlugin.
  • The audio device shareset must have been loaded from a soundbank and a device with this shareset must exist in the pipeline.
    AK_NotImplemented if the sink plug-in does not implement device enumeration AK_PluginNotRegistered if the plug-in has not been registered yet either by loading the init bank or by calling RegisterPluginDLL.
in_audioDeviceShareSetID In: The audio device shareset ID for which to list the sink plug-in devices.
io_maxNumDevices In: The length of the out_deviceDescriptions array. Out: If out_deviceDescriptions is not-null, this will be set to the number of entries in out_deviceDescriptions that was populated. If out_deviceDescriptions is null, this will be set to the number of devices that may be available.
out_deviceDescriptions The output array of device descriptions.

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