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AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SoundEngine::PrepareGameSyncs ( PreparationType  in_PreparationType,
AkGroupType  in_eGameSyncType,
const char *  in_pszGroupName,
const char **  in_ppszGameSyncName,
AkUInt32  in_uNumGameSyncs,
AkBankCallbackFunc  in_pfnBankCallback,
void *  in_pCookie 

Prepares or unprepares game syncs asynchronously.
The group and game syncs are specified by string (refer to General Information for a discussion on using strings and IDs). The game syncs definitions must already exist in the sound engine by having explicitly loaded the bank(s) that contain them (with LoadBank()). A request is posted to the Bank Manager consumer thread. It will resolve all dependencies needed to successfully set this game sync group to one of the game sync values specified, and load the required banks, if applicable. The function returns immediately. Use a callback to be notified when the request has finished being processed.

AK_Success if scheduling is was successful, AK_Fail otherwise.
You need to call PrepareGameSyncs() if the sound engine was initialized with AkInitSettings::bEnableGameSyncPreparation set to true. When set to false, the sound engine automatically prepares all game syncs when preparing events, so you never need to call this function.
See also
in_PreparationType Preparation type ( Preparation_Load or Preparation_Unload )
in_eGameSyncType The type of game sync.
in_pszGroupName The State Group Name or the Switch Group Name.
in_ppszGameSyncName The specific ID of the state to either support or not support.
in_uNumGameSyncs The number of game sync in the string array.
in_pfnBankCallback Callback function
in_pCookie Callback cookie (reserved to user, passed to the callback function)

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