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Wwise SDK 2022.1.8

◆ StartOutputCapture()

AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SoundEngine::StartOutputCapture ( const AkOSChar in_CaptureFileName )

Starts recording the sound engine audio output. StartOutputCapture outputs a wav file per current output device of the sound engine. If more than one device is active, the system will create multiple files in the same output directory and will append numbers at the end of the provided filename.

If no device is running yet, the system will return success AK_Success despite doing nothing. Use RegisterAudioDeviceStatusCallback to get notified when devices are created/destructed.

AK_Success if successful, AK_Fail if there was a problem starting the output capture.
  • AK_Success when successful
  • AK_InvalidParameter if in_CaptureFileName is null.
  • AK_InsufficientMemory if not enough memory is available.
See also
in_CaptureFileName Name of the output capture file

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