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Wwise SDK 2022.1.8

◆ SetJobMgrMaxActiveWorkers()

AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SoundEngine::SetJobMgrMaxActiveWorkers ( AkJobType  in_jobType,
AkUInt32  in_uNewMaxActiveWorkers 

Allows the game to set new values for the maximum active workers for the job manager This may be changed anytime once the sound engine was initialized. This function may only be used if a worker function has been set via AkJobMgrSettings.

  • AK_InvalidParameter in_jobType is not a valid jobtype, or in_uNewMaxActiveWorkers is not greater than 0
  • AK_NotInitialized JobMgr system was not already initialized with a function to request for workers
  • AK_Success if successful
in_jobType JobType to set new uMaxActiveWorkers for
in_uNewMaxActiveWorkers New maximum number of active workers will request

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