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Wwise SDK 2022.1.8
AK::Wwise::Plugin::V1::Notifications Namespace Reference

Notifications namespace. More...


class   Host_
  API to receive host's update notifications. More...
class   Monitor
  API for Sound Engine's Monitor Data notification. More...
class   ObjectMedia_
class   ObjectStore_
  Interface able to receive notifications for custom inner property sets. More...
class   PropertySet_


using  CHost_ = ak_wwise_plugin_notifications_host_v1
using  CObjectMedia_ = ak_wwise_plugin_notifications_object_media_v1
using  CObjectStore_ = ak_wwise_plugin_notifications_object_store_v1
using  CPropertySet_ = ak_wwise_plugin_notifications_property_set_v1
using  CMonitor = ak_wwise_plugin_notifications_monitor_v1

Detailed Description

Notifications namespace.

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