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Wwise SDK 2022.1.8
AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::GUIWindows::Interface Struct Reference

The C interface, fulfilled by your plug-in. More...

#include <GUIWindows.h>

Inheritance diagram for AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::GUIWindows::Interface:
ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_v1 ak_wwise_plugin_interface_ptr

Public Types

using  Instance = GUIWindows
- Public Types inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_v1
using  Instance = ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_instance_v1
  Base instance type for providing a Windows frontend for an audio plug-in. More...

Public Member Functions

  Interface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_v1
  ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_v1 ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_interface_ptr
constexpr  ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface (decltype(m_interface) in_interface, decltype(m_version) in_version)
constexpr  ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface ()
constexpr  ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface (std::underlying_type< decltype(m_interface)>::type in_interface, decltype(m_version) in_version)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_v1
HINSTANCE(*  GetResourceHandle )(const struct ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_instance_v1 *in_this)
  Retrieves the plug-in's HINSTANCE used for loading resources. More...
bool(*  GetDialog )(const struct ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_instance_v1 *in_this, AK::Wwise::Plugin::eDialog in_eDialog, uint32_t *out_uiDialogID, AK::Wwise::Plugin::PopulateTableItem **out_pTable)
  Retrieves the plug-in dialog parameters. More...
bool(*  WindowProc )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_instance_v1 *in_this, AK::Wwise::Plugin::eDialog in_eDialog, HWND in_hWnd, uint32_t in_message, WPARAM in_wParam, LPARAM in_lParam, LRESULT *out_lResult)
  Window message handler for dialogs. More...
bool(*  Help )(const struct ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_instance_v1 *in_this, HWND in_hWnd, AK::Wwise::Plugin::eDialog in_eDialog, const char *in_szLanguageCode)
  Called when the user clicks on the '?' icon. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_interface_ptr
ak_wwise_plugin_interface_type  m_interface: 32
  Interface type (see ak_wwise_plugin_interface_type) More...
uint32_t  m_version: 32
  Version of the interface. More...

Detailed Description

The C interface, fulfilled by your plug-in.

Definition at line 226 of file GUIWindows.h.

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