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Wwise SDK 2022.1.8
  • Plugin ID: 32
  • Class ID: 2097168

Refer to ak.wwise.core.object.setProperty, ak.wwise.core.object.setReference and ak.wwise.core.object.set to set properties and references with WAAPI. Also refer to Querying the Wwise Project to learn how to query properties and references.
Refer to ak.wwise.core.object.create and ak.wwise.core.object.set to add objects to lists with WAAPI.

Properties, References, Lists

Name Display Name Type Default Restriction Is Visible Supported RTPC Type Supports Link/Unlink
Color Color int16 0 [ 0 , 26 ] true None false
LogicalOperator Logical Operator int16 0

Possible values :

Value Display Name

false None false
ObjectType Object Type int32 0

Possible values :

Value Display Name
0 All Objects
10 WAQL Query
100 Actor-Mixer
200 Actor-Mixer Hierarchy
2200 Acoustic Texture
1300 Argument
1400 Argument Value
250 Attenuation
500 Audio Bus
740 Audio Device
502 Auxiliary Bus
300 Audio Source
400 Blend Container
1500 Conversion Settings
1200 Dialogue Event
550 Effect
600 Event
1600 External Source
1700 Virtual Folder
620 Interactive Music Hierarchy
621 Interactive Music Hierarchy Behavior
2400 Metadata
1900 Modulator Envelope
2000 Modulator LFO
2300 Modulator Time
2100 Modulators
667 Music Clip
669 Music Clip MIDI
668 Music Cue
671 Music Event Cue
630 Music Fade
640 Music Playlist Item
645 Music Playlist Container
650 Music Segment
655 Music Stinger
660 Music Switch Container
665 Music Track
666 Music Track Sequence
670 Music Transition
700 Random-Sequence Container
800 Sound
900 SoundBank
1000 Switch Container
1010 Switch Group
1100 Trigger
1800 Work Unit-Physical Folder

true None false
OverrideColor Override Color bool false None true None false
Platform Platform int16 1

Possible values :

Value Display Name

false None false
StartObject Starting Object Reference   None true    
WAQL WAQL Query string   None true None false

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