Defining the Default Object Values for your Project

In Wwise, you can define a series of default object values for a project in the Default Object Values dialog box. These values are a good starting point for defining properties in your project. It's a good idea to define these settings very early in your project development so they can be applied to all the objects you will create in your project.

Changing the default object settings in the middle of your project development will only affect objects created after the change. This feature can streamline your workflow because you can set up default properties for one type of object, such as SFX objects, and then modify the settings for another type of object, such as Voice objects.

These default settings are stored within the WSETTINGS file located in the current project directory. These settings can be defined by each user separately, which allows users working on different areas of a project to set different default settings.

To define the default object values for the objects in your project:

  1. Open the Default Object Values dialog box by doing one of the following:

    • From the Project menu, select Default Settings.

    • Press Shift+D.

  2. To set the default routing for the sound and music objects in your project, do the following:

    In the Routing group box, click the browse button (...) for the Audio Output.

    The Project Explorer - Browser opens.

    Select the Audio Bus that you want to be the default bus for the sound and music objects in your project.

    Click OK.

    Any new sound or music objects will automatically be routed through this Audio Bus.

  3. To define a default volume for all newly created objects, specify the value in the Voice Volume text field.

  4. To override the default Conversion Settings ShareSet used by the project, do the following:

    In the Default Conversion Settings group box, select the Override Project Settings check box.

    Click the Browse button (...).

    The Project Explorer - Browser opens.

    Navigate through the Conversion Settings hierarchy and select the ShareSet that you want to use as your project's default Conversion Settings.

    Click OK.

    All new top-level parent objects will automatically use the selected Conversion Settings ShareSet.

  5. When you are finished, click OK.

    The Default Settings dialog box closes and your default object values are saved.

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