Defining your Project Settings

In Wwise, you can define certain settings for your project in the Project Settings dialog box.

The Project Settings dialog box includes the following tabs:

  • General to define a source control plug-in, the location for the Originals folder for your project assets, automatic sample rate detection settings, as well as Event name creation settings.

  • Conversion to set the default Conversion Settings ShareSet for the project as well as the automatic sample rate detection settings.

  • SoundBanks to define the SoundBank settings for your project, which includes whether to generate content files, a header file, and the maximum attenuation information for Events with your SoundBanks, whether SoundBank names can be used, the location where your SoundBank will be saved, and - optionally - user-defined custom steps that will be performed before and/or after SoundBank generation.

  • Logs to manage the warnings, errors, and messages that are displayed in the Conversion and SoundBank logs.

  • Obstruction/Occlusion to define the volume, LPF and HPF curves for obstruction and occlusion in your project.

  • External Sources to specify the input and output paths for the external audio sources that will be used with the External Source plug-in.

  • Network to specify port numbers to be used during communication between the authoring application and your game.

  • Custom Properties to define properties for the Sound and Audio Source objects of the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy.

[Note] Note

Wwise applies any changes made to your Project Settings only after you click OK. Live editing is not possible.

Other project settings are located in the Platform Manager dialog box:

[Note] Note

Wwise applies any changes made in the Platform Manager dialog box only after you click OK. Live editing is not possible.

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