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Wwise SDK 2022.1.9


#define AK_ADD_PLUGIN_CLASS_TO_CONTAINER (   ContainerName,

(C++) Adds a Wwise Authoring plug-in and a Sound Engine plug-in to a plug-in container.

Creates a custom namespace with custom plug-in info, that contains the generated plug-in info structure. Then, statically points it to the next pointer for the container.

This uses the Sound Engine part to retrieve the plug-in information (Company id, Plug-in ID and Plug-in Type). It also adds up the Sound Engine's registration structure, so the host can initialize this part on first instantiation.

ContainerName Container name.
WwiseClassName Class name of the plug-in to add to the container.
AudioEngineRegisteredName Sound Engine's class name.
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Definition at line 882 of file PluginInfoGenerator.h.

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