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Wwise SDK 2022.1.9
AkHashList< T_KEY, T_ITEM, T_ALLOC > Class Template Reference

#include <AkHashList.h>

Inheritance diagram for AkHashList< T_KEY, T_ITEM, T_ALLOC >:
AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< T_MEMID >


struct   ConstIterator
struct   ConstIteratorEx
struct   Item
struct   Iterator
struct   IteratorEx

Public Types

typedef AkArray< Item *, Item *, T_ALLOC, AkGrowByPolicy_NoGrow HashTableArray

Public Member Functions

Iterator  Begin ()
ConstIterator  Begin () const
IteratorEx  BeginEx ()
ConstIteratorEx  BeginEx () const
Iterator  End ()
ConstIterator  End () const
IteratorEx  EndEx ()
ConstIterator  EndEx () const
IteratorEx  FindEx (T_KEY in_Key)
ConstIteratorEx  FindEx (T_KEY in_Key) const
  AkHashList ()
  ~AkHashList ()
void  Term ()
void  RemoveAll ()
T_ITEM *  Exists (T_KEY in_Key)
T_ITEM *  Set (Item *in_pItem)
T_ITEM *  Set (T_KEY in_Key)
T_ITEM *  Set (T_KEY in_Key, bool &out_bWasAlreadyThere)
void  Unset (T_KEY in_Key)
IteratorEx  Erase (const IteratorEx &in_rIter)
void  RemoveItem (AkHashType in_uiTable, Item *in_pItem, Item *in_pPrevItem)
AkUInt32  Length () const
AKRESULT  Reserve (AkUInt32 in_uNumberOfEntires)
AKRESULT  Resize (AkUInt32 in_uExpectedNumberOfEntires)
AkUInt32  HashSize () const
bool  CheckSize ()
void  Transfer (AkHashList< T_KEY, T_ITEM, T_ALLOC > &in_source)

Protected Member Functions

T_ITEM *  ExistsInList (T_KEY in_Key, AkUIntPtr in_uiTable)
T_ITEM *  CreateEntry (T_KEY in_Key, AkUIntPtr in_uiTable)

Protected Attributes

HashTableArray  m_table
AkUInt32  m_uiSize

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< T_MEMID >
static AkForceInline void *  Alloc (size_t in_uSize)
static AkForceInline void *  ReAlloc (void *in_pCurrent, size_t in_uOldSize, size_t in_uNewSize)
static AkForceInline void  Free (void *in_pAddress)
static AkForceInline void  TransferMem (void *&io_pDest, AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< T_MEMID > in_srcAlloc, void *in_pSrc)

Detailed Description

template<class T_KEY, class T_ITEM, typename T_ALLOC = ArrayPoolDefault>
class AkHashList< T_KEY, T_ITEM, T_ALLOC >

Definition at line 49 of file AkHashList.h.

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