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Wwise SDK 2022.1.9

#include <AkVectors.h>

Public Member Functions

  AkQuaternion ()
  AkQuaternion (AkReal32 in_W, AkReal32 in_X, AkReal32 in_Y, AkReal32 in_Z)
AkForceInline AkReal32  Length () const
AkForceInline AkQuaternion Normalize ()
AkForceInline AkQuaternion  Inverse () const
  AkQuaternion (const Ak3DVector &in_v0, const Ak3DVector &in_v1)
  AkQuaternion (AkReal32 in_angle, const Ak3DVector &in_axis)
AkForceInline AkQuaternion  operator* (const AkQuaternion &Q) const
  Quaternion multiplication. More...
AkForceInline Ak3DVector32  operator* (const Ak3DVector32 &in_v) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  RotateVector (const Ak3DVector32 &in_v) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  UnrotateVector (const Ak3DVector32 &in_v) const

Static Public Member Functions

static AkQuaternion  FromRotationMatrix (const AkMatrix3x3 &in_mat)
static AkQuaternion  FromEulers (AkReal32 in_x, AkReal32 in_y, AkReal32 in_z)
static AkQuaternion  FromAngleAndAxis (AkReal32 in_angle, const Ak3DVector &in_axis)

Public Attributes

AkReal32  W
AkReal32  X
AkReal32  Y
AkReal32  Z

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1047 of file AkVectors.h.

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