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Wwise SDK 2022.1.9

#include <AkVectors.h>

Public Types

typedef TDataType  data_type
typedef AkSafeConversion  TTypeConverter

Public Member Functions

  T3DVector ()
  T3DVector (TDataType in_x, TDataType in_y, TDataType in_z)
template<typename TFromDataType >
  T3DVector (const T3DVector< TFromDataType > &in_vector)
  T3DVector (const AkVector &in_vector)
  T3DVector (const AkVector64 &in_vector)
  operator AkVector () const
  operator AkVector64 () const
template<typename TVectorType >
TVectorType  Cast () const
  T3DVector (TDataType in_scalar)
  T3DVector (const AKSIMD_V4F32 &in_v4f32)
AkForceInline AKSIMD_V4F32  PointV4F32 () const
AkForceInline AKSIMD_V4F32  VectorV4F32 () const
void  Zero ()
AkForceInline bool  operator== (const T3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator!= (const T3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator< (const T3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator<= (const T3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator> (const T3DVector b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator>= (const T3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline T3DVector operator*= (const TDataType f)
AkForceInline T3DVector operator/= (const TDataType f)
AkForceInline T3DVector  operator* (const T3DVector v2) const
AkForceInline T3DVector  operator* (const TDataType f) const
AkForceInline T3DVector  operator/ (const T3DVector in_rhs) const
AkForceInline T3DVector  operator/ (const TDataType f) const
AkForceInline T3DVector  operator+ (const TDataType f) const
AkForceInline T3DVector  operator- (const TDataType f) const
AkForceInline T3DVector  operator+ (const T3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline T3DVector  operator- (const T3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline TDataType  HorizontalMin () const
AkForceInline TDataType  HorizontalMax () const
AkForceInline T3DVector  Rotate180X_90Y () const
AkForceInline T3DVector  SphericalToCartesian (const TDataType azimuth, const TDataType elevation)
AkForceInline T3DVector  LinearCombination (const T3DVector &A, const T3DVector &B, const T3DVector &C) const
AkForceInline T3DVector Normalize ()
AkForceInline TDataType  L2_Norm () const
AkForceInline TDataType  DotProduct (const T3DVector &v2) const
AkForceInline TDataType  Dot (const T3DVector &v2) const
AkForceInline T3DVector  Cross (const T3DVector &v) const
AkForceInline TDataType  Length () const
AkForceInline TDataType  LengthSquared () const
AkForceInline bool  IsAllPositive () const
AkForceInline T3DVector  Abs () const
AkForceInline bool  IsFinite () const

Static Public Member Functions

static AkForceInline T3DVector  Min (const T3DVector &A, const T3DVector &B)
static AkForceInline T3DVector  Max (const T3DVector &A, const T3DVector &B)
static AkForceInline TDataType  Determinant (const T3DVector &a, const T3DVector &b, const T3DVector &c)

Public Attributes

TDataType  X
TDataType  Y
TDataType  Z

Detailed Description

template<typename TDataType>
class T3DVector< TDataType >

Definition at line 210 of file AkVectors.h.

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