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Wwise SDK 2022.1.9
AK::Wwise::Plugin::V1 Namespace Reference


  Notifications namespace.


class   AudioPlugin
  Wwise API for general Audio Plug-in's backend. More...
class   BaseUndoEvent
  Base API to create a custom undo event in a plug-in. More...
class   CustomData
  Backend API to load and save custom data in XML format. More...
class   DataWriter
  Interface used to write data during sound bank generation. More...
class   DynamicUndoEvent
class   FirstTimeCreationMessage
class   Frontend
  Frontend plug-in API for Audio plug-ins. More...
class   FrontendModel
  Interface used to interact with the frontend model. More...
class   GUIWindows
  Windows frontend plug-in API for Audio plug-ins. More...
class   Host
  API to request host's current state and services. More...
class   License
class   LinkBackend
  Host API to retrieve a link to the plug-in's backend instance. More...
class   LinkFrontend
  Host API to retrieve a link to the plug-in's frontend interfaces. More...
class   MediaConverter
class   ObjectMedia
class   ObjectStore
  Custom inner property set interface. More...
class   PropertyDisplayName
class   PropertySet
  Interface used to interact with property sets. More...
class   SinkDevices
  C++ API to provide device enumeration for sink plug-ins. More...
class   Source
  Wwise API for general Audio Plug-in's backend. More...
class   UndoEvent
  Base API to create a custom undo event in a plug-in. More...
class   UndoManager
  Host API to handle the plug-in's undo operations. More...
class   XmlReader
  API interface for XML-based plug-in persistence. More...
class   XmlWriter
  API interface for XML-based plug-in persistence. More...


using  CAudioPlugin = ak_wwise_plugin_audio_plugin_v1
using  CCustomData = ak_wwise_plugin_custom_data_v1
using  CFirstTimeCreationMessage = ak_wwise_plugin_first_time_creation_message_v1
using  CFrontend = ak_wwise_plugin_frontend_v1
using  CGUIWindows = ak_wwise_plugin_gui_windows_v1
using  CHost = ak_wwise_plugin_host_v1
using  RequestHost = RequestedHostInterface< Host >
  Requests a Host interface, provided as m_host variable. More...
using  CHostDataWriter = ak_wwise_plugin_host_data_writer_v1
using  RequestWrite = RequestedHostInterface< DataWriter >
  Requests a DataWriter interface. More...
using  CHostFrontendModel = ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_v1
using  RequestFrontendModel = RequestedHostInterface< FrontendModel >
  Requests a FrontendModel interface, provided as m_frontendModel variable. More...
using  CHostObjectMedia = ak_wwise_plugin_host_object_media_v1
using  RequestObjectMedia = RequestedHostInterface< ObjectMedia >
  Requests a ObjectMedia interface, provided as m_objectMedia variable. More...
using  CHostObjectStore = ak_wwise_plugin_host_object_store_v1
using  RequestObjectStore = RequestedHostInterface< ObjectStore >
  Requests an ObjectStore interface, provided as m_objectStore variable. More...
using  CHostPropertySet = ak_wwise_plugin_host_property_set_v1
using  RequestPropertySet = RequestedHostInterface< PropertySet >
  Requests a PropertySet interface, provided as m_propertySet variable. More...
using  CUndoEvent = ak_wwise_plugin_undo_event_v1
using  CUndoEventPair = ak_wwise_plugin_undo_event_pair_v1
using  CHostUndoManager = ak_wwise_plugin_host_undo_manager_v1
using  RequestUndoManager = RequestedHostInterface< UndoManager >
  Requests an UndoManager interface, provided as m_undoManager variable. More...
using  CHostXml = ak_wwise_plugin_host_xml_v1
using  RequestXml = RequestedHostInterface< XmlReader >
  Requests the XML processing interface. More...
using  CLicense = ak_wwise_plugin_license_v1
using  CMediaConverter = ak_wwise_plugin_media_converter_v1
using  CLinkBackend = ak_wwise_plugin_link_backend_v1
using  CLinkFrontend = ak_wwise_plugin_link_frontend_v1
using  RequestLinkBackend = RequestedHostInterface< LinkBackend >
using  RequestLinkFrontend = RequestedHostInterface< LinkFrontend >
using  CPropertyDisplayName = ak_wwise_plugin_property_display_name_v1
using  CSinkDevices = ak_wwise_plugin_sink_devices_v1
  Device enumerator for sink plug-ins. More...
using  CSource = ak_wwise_plugin_source_v1


void  AssignFrontendModelArgs (AK::Wwise::Plugin::PluginInfo &io_pluginInfo, ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_args_v1 *in_args)
  Assign arguments for the FrontendModel service request. More...

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