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Wwise SDK 2022.1.9

#include <AkCommonDefs.h>


class   ArrayCustomMetadata
  Array type for carrying custom metadata. More...
struct   CustomMetadata
  Custom object metadata. More...

Public Types

typedef AkString< AkPluginArrayAllocator, char >  String
  String type for use in 3D audio objects. More...

Public Member Functions

  AkAudioObject ()
  Constructor. More...
  ~AkAudioObject ()
  Destructor. More...
void  CopyContents (const AkAudioObject &in_src)
  Copy object metadata (everything but the key) from another object. More...
void  SetCustomMetadata (CustomMetadata *in_aCustomMetadata, AkUInt32 in_uLength)
void  Transfer (AkAudioObject &in_from)
  Transfer function for transfer move policies. More...
AKRESULT  SetName (AK::IAkPluginMemAlloc *in_pAllocator, const char *in_szName)
void  ResetState ()
  Reset object state in preparation for next frame. More...

Public Attributes

AkAudioObjectID  key
  Unique ID, local to a given bus. More...
AkPositioningData  positioning
  Positioning data for deferred 3D rendering. More...
AkRamp  cumulativeGain
  Cumulative ramping gain to apply when mixing down to speaker bed or final endpoint. More...
ArrayCustomMetadata  arCustomMetadata
  Array of custom metadata, gathered from visited objects. Note: any custom metadata is expected to exist for only the current sound engine render tick, and persistent references to it should not be stored. More...
AkPipelineID  instigatorID
  Profiling ID of the node from which the object stems (typically the voice, instance of an actor-mixer). More...
String  objectName
  Name string of the object, to appear in the object profiler. This is normally used by out-of-place object processors for naming their output objects. Built-in sound engine structures don't use it. More...
AkPriority  priority
  Audio object playback priority. Object with a higher priority will be rendered using the hardware's object functionality on platforms that supports it, whereas objects with a lower priority will be downmixed to a lower resolution 3D bed. Audio object priorities should be retrieved, or set through IAkPluginServiceAudioObjectPriority to retain compatibility with future Wwise releases. More...

Detailed Description

An audio object refers to an audio signal with some attached metadata going through the sound engine pipeline. The AkAudioObject struct encapsulates the metadata part. The signal itself is contained in a separate AkAudioBuffer instance.

Definition at line 301 of file AkCommonDefs.h.

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