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Wwise SDK 2022.1.9
AkBehavioralPositioningData Struct Reference

Positioning data inherited from sound structures and mix busses. More...

#include <AkCommonDefs.h>

Public Member Functions

  AkBehavioralPositioningData ()

Public Attributes

AkReal32  center
  Center percentage [0,1]. More...
AkReal32  panLR
  Pan left-right [-1,1]. More...
AkReal32  panBF
  Pan back-front [-1,1]. More...
AkReal32  panDU
  Pan down-up [-1,1]. More...
AkReal32  panSpatMix
  Panning vs 3D spatialization mix ([0,1], 1 being 100% spatialized). More...
Ak3DSpatializationMode  spatMode
  3D spatialization mode. More...
AkSpeakerPanningType  panType
  Speaker panning type. More...
bool  enableHeightSpread
  When true, audio objects 3D spatialized onto a planar channel configuration will be given a minimum spread value based on their elevation angle, equal to sin(elevation)**2. More...

Detailed Description

Positioning data inherited from sound structures and mix busses.

Definition at line 263 of file AkCommonDefs.h.

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