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Wwise SDK 2022.1.9
AkFileSystemFlags Struct Reference

File system flags for file descriptors mapping. More...

#include <IAkStreamMgr.h>

Public Member Functions

  AkFileSystemFlags ()
  AkFileSystemFlags (AkUInt32 in_uCompanyID, AkUInt32 in_uCodecID, AkUInt32 in_uCustomParamSize, void *in_pCustomParam, bool in_bIsLanguageSpecific, AkFileID in_uCacheID)

Public Attributes

AkUInt32  uCompanyID
  Company ID (Wwise uses AKCOMPANYID_AUDIOKINETIC, defined in AkTypes.h, for soundbanks and standard streaming files, and AKCOMPANYID_AUDIOKINETIC_EXTERNAL for streaming external sources). More...
AkUInt32  uCodecID
  File/codec type ID (defined in AkTypes.h) More...
AkUInt32  uCustomParamSize
  Size of the custom parameter. More...
void *  pCustomParam
  Custom parameter. More...
bool  bIsLanguageSpecific
  True when the file location depends on language. More...
bool  bIsAutomaticStream
AkFileID  uCacheID
AkUInt32  uNumBytesPrefetch
AkUInt32  uDirectoryHash
  If the implementation uses a hashed directory structure, this is the hash value that should be employed for determining the directory structure. More...

Detailed Description

File system flags for file descriptors mapping.

Definition at line 80 of file IAkStreamMgr.h.

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